Mian Ahmad

Mian has moved to University College London as Senior Research Associate in the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering.


Sarah Chopping

Sarah is a Project Manager at Imperial College.


Liz Edwards

Liz has moved on to a position as a Bioinformatics Project Manager at Genomics England

Risha Govind

Risha has moved to King's College London to pursue a PhD in pharmacogenetics with Prof Cathryn Lewis.

Nathan Ingold

Nathan is a biomedical science undergraduate at Brunel University, London. He conducted a 12 month placement within the Cardiovascular Genetics & Genomics group at Royal Bromoton Hospital as part of his undergraduate degree. Currently he's finishing his final year at Brunel, doing a bioinformatics final year project, and is hoping to later do a PhD in bioinformatics.

Erica Mazaika

Erica is a freelance consultant, with expertise in bioinformatics and software development.

Will Midwinter

Will is currently studying for an MSc in clinical medicine at the University of Oxford and Translational Research Institute, Brisbane Australia


Hanna Najgebauer

Hanna is now a post-doctoral fellow working on the Open Targets initiative at the European Bioinformatics Institute.

Francesco Pesce

Francesco is a nephrologist. During his PhD he implemented a translational genomics approach to dissect mechanisms of heart failure integrating high-throughput -omics data which is now applying in the field of kidney disease.

Good old Roddy!
Roddy Walsh

Roddy is based in the Experimental Cardiology group at Amsterdam UMC, researching the genetic basis of cardiac diseases with a particular emphasis on arrhythmias.


Alicja Wilk

Alicja has moved to on to a position as a Senior Genomics Technician.